Advantages Of Group Discussions

Aug 08 2010 Published by under Group Discussions

From the students point of view:

The Group discussions offer an ideal platform to students to be able to express their views and opinions on a specific topic. To the students who are naturally good speakers, this offers a great chance to be able to create an impact on the judges. It is also an ideal place to show case your leadership qualities by starting the discussion or initiating a point or by giving a new turn to the group discussion all together. It also gives a platform for the students to display their good communication and oratory skills and their sound knowledge of facts and figures relating to the topic which may be dealing with current affairs or may be dealing with any abstract topic in which your creative and lateral thinking will be needed.

From the company/college point of view:

From the company/college point of view: The Group discussion offers a great platform for the companies and the colleges respectively to be able to test a large group of students on the same platform. The communication skills of the students are put to test. Their ability to think clearly under pressure in an intense atmosphere is also gauges. Their knowledge on current affairs and their opinions and views on it are also on display. And their leadership qualities as well as their ability to work as a team are showcased. Their creative and lateral thinking can also be seen by the judges and whether they are too emotional, aggressive or have any other flaws can also be easily made out by the judges. Thus the Group discussions are an ideal testing ground for companies and colleges alike.

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